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WR Deluxe Professional Eyelash Extention Suit

WR lashes South Korea's imported silk eyelashes set products are:1. 3 boxes of Eyelash mixed 2. 10 ml quick drying low water soft-glue. 3. 15 g of plant fragrance relief cream 4. 2 pair of tweezers5. B curles Silk Eyelash, thickness: 0.10/0.12/0.15. Eyelash length: 8-12 mm mixed. Eyelash types: round. Eyelash taper: from coarse to fine of the gradient. Color: black. Sheen: Matt. Each row of about 400 eyelashes. 
WR eyelashes is the choice of South Korea's new Dragon material, "Matt" Eyelash taper: by tapering from root to tip. Not ordinary domestic matte wool on the market. After the eyelash grafting "natural light" rub. "Eyelash type" thick/long/curling-according to international standards of production

Price. IDR 4.500.000

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