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Herbal Beauty Treatment Vital
For sensitive, irritated, delicate skin

The Herbal Beauty Masks are individually mixed in keeping with the specific needs of the skin. Let your customer experience the soothing warmth, creamy texture and seductive scent, to help her relax aftera hectic day, which together with the natural ingredients will have a positive effect on her complexion


• Calming Facial Foam
• Ceraderm Professional Cream
• GREEN PEEL® Herbal Active Vitality
• Herbal Beauty Mask Vital
• High Perfection Eye Cream
• Herbal Care Lotion
• Super Enzyme Peeling
• Super Soft Cleanser

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Price. IDR 304.000 380.000


Treatment aids
Gauze, headband, kleenex, herbal steamer, measuring cup,brush/spatula, headband

Before every treament
These steps must be carried out before every treatmentThe first step before every treatment is a detailed skindiagnosis and a cleansing

Normal skin:
Super Soft Cleanser, Herbal Care Lotion


Home care recommendation
Recommend to your customer a week-long spa treatmentwith GREEN PEEL® Herbal Active Vitality ampoules toprolong the results of the salon treatment at home.


Herbal Beauty Treatment VITAL Treatment duration approx. 80 min 
1. Mix the Super Enzyme Peeling and brush on the face, throat and décolleté, then steam for about 10 minutes. Just before removing the peeling, emulsify it with moistened hands and massage in gently. Remove the remnants of the peel with a damp washcloth.
TIP:  Enzymes have a powerful activating effect. If less intensive skin activation is desired, use the mechanical  Perfect Skin Peeling instead.

2. The skin is now prepared for optimum absorption. Work half of the GREEN PEEL® HerbalActive Vitality ampoule into the skin with tapping motions.

3. Now fill the measuring cup with about 30 ml of hot water. In a small glass bowl mix the herbalmask in the sachet with hot water until a thick paste is achieved. Then fold in a mandarin-sized daub of Calming Facial Foam.

4. Now apply a dot of High Perfection Eye Cream Cream to the eye zone and cover with cotton pads soaked in  Herbal Care Lotion. Trim the enclosed gauze to fit the face and décolleté (cut slit for the nose).

5. The warm herbal foam is now applied quickly with the flat brush onto the gauze – fold back the overlapping sides. To increase the relax factor, steam the mask lightly with vapozone steamer and a herbal mixture specially formulated to the needs of the customer. At this point we recommend a personalised massage, e.g. the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek acupressure point hand massage with  Ceraderm Professional Cream or a soothing neck massage.

6. After allowing it to take effect for about 15 minutes – depending on skin type – the gauze with the herbal mask is removed and any remnants are wiped off with cotton pads soaked in Herbal Care Lotion. For the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek facial massage, use Ceraderm Professional Cream and increase its effects by adding the second half of the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Active Vitality  ampoule.

7. After the massage for approx. 20 minutes, remove the rest of the cream with a warm compress. Finish off the treatment with make-up suited to the skin type – preferably BB Perfect Beauty Fluid (Essential Care).  

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